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Book Adaptations I Can’t Wait For

There are so many book adaptations coming soon, and with the recent news that Netflix is adapting the Chronicles of Narnia into a TV series, I thought I’d share some of the other upcoming adaptations that I’m looking forward to!

Les Miserables, BBC One – early 2019
The latest adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel is moving away from the musical and back to the source material. Set to be a gritty six-part drama (six parts!), I’m so excited for the depth of the storytelling. No airdate has been confirmed yet, but given that a brief clip featured in a recent BBC Drama trailer, I think it’s safe to assume that it’ll air some time in the next few months.

The Haunting of Hill House, Netflix – 12th October 2018
We don’t have to wait long for Netflix’s new horror series; it’s only a week until its release and I could not be more excited for this. I loved Shirley Jackson’s novel, and while the trailers seem to suggest that the series is moving away from it, I have high hopes for this adaptation. As long as they capture the incredible atmosphere and tense uncertainty of the novel, this should be great.

The Hate U Give, in Cinemas – 5th October 2018 (US), 22nd October 2018 (UK)
Depending on where you are, this film isn’t far from being released. Angie Thomas’ book was so hard-hitting and took the world by storm, and I hope the film does as well as the book did. This book was so important for starting conversations and hopefully the adaptation should have the same effect.

The Bell Jar, in Cinemas – ??
I had no idea that there was even an adaptation of The Bell Jar in the works until I started researching upcoming adaptations for this post. While there isn’t an estimated release date yet and there haven’t been many updates on it, an article where Dakota Fanning discussed her role as Esther Greenwood was published in April, so hopefully that means the film is still in the works!

The Infernal Devices, ?? – ??
This isn’t technically an official adaptation as of yet, but there’s been more talk of it since Shadowhunters was cancelled. I know a lot of people were furious about that cancellation and are insisting they don’t want an Infernal Devices series, but in all honesty the only thing I really liked about Shadowhunters was Magnus and Alec. I would love love love some sort of Infernal Devices adaptation, so I really hope this happens!

Those are the adaptations I’m most looking forward to – what about you? What books are you excited to see being made into TV series or films? Let me know in the comments, follow me on Instagram @afewmorebooks for more bookish content, and thanks for reading!

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