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Characters Who Deserved More

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Hey everyone! Have you ever read a book and ended up caring more about a side character than about the protagonists? Those under-utilised characters that you spend every page they aren’t on wishing they would show up again? I definitely have. There are some characters I wish had been the main viewpoint of the book, and others that I wish had steered the story in a completely different direction all together. Either way, the characters on this list are all ones I would’ve liked to have seen more of!

Carlisle Cullen from The Twilight Saga
When I was twelve years old I loved the Twilight books more than anything. Now that I’m older I can see how creepily obsessive Edward was and how Bella should have got out of Forks while she had the chance, but my love for one character is still going strong. Carlisle Cullen should have been the protagonist of the series. I would have absolutely loved the books to chronicle his life, from being transformed in the 17th century, to his time with the Volturi, to finally finding his own family. Carlisle only ever wanted to help people and I wish there had been more of him in the books.

Ophelia in Hamlet
I’m sure there are probably countless retellings of Hamlet where Ophelia has a larger role, and if there are any good ones that you’ve read please let me know in the comments! I would love to have seen more of Hamlet’s return and his madness through Ophelia’s eyes. She must have been so lonely in that castle, and she had to put up with all of Hamlet’s lewd jokes. Ophelia deserved so much more than her off-stage drowning.

Gisa Barrow in Red Queen
I tried so hard to love Red Queen, and there were even points when I enjoyed the story, but I find it almost impossible to like Mare. She was selfish and unlikeable and it made it difficult for me to care about her at all. That said, her sister Gisa was great. I would have loved to see her working in the Silver Palace as a seamstress helping the Red Guard to bring down the Silvers from the inside. She would have been so much more likeable! I would have preferred a story without a love triangle, one that instead built up friendships complicated by alliances to families or to a rebellion; maybe then I would have kept going with the trilogy.

Estella Haversham in Great Expectations
Other than Miss Haversham, her adopted daughter Estella was the most interesting  character in this novel. Raised almost as an act of revenge against men, Estella is taught to break hearts and essentially crush the feelings of others: can you imagine growing up in that household? The resolution of the book is even strongly tied to her, what with Pip’s continued love for her and the revelations about certain characters in London. Yes, Pip learns a lesson about not becoming high and mighty, but wouldn’t you rather read Estella’s story? I know I would.

Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter Series
Gosh, I want a prequel series. Every Harry Potter fan wants a series about the Marauders, don’t they? Give us Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs! Give us Sirius and James and Remus all being best friends! (And, I guess, give us Peter Pettigrew before he sold out James and Lily.) Give me Hogwarts in the 1970s! I love Fantastic Beasts, but this is the series that I think we were all hoping for. Lupin didn’t get a happy ending, so he at least deserves a chance to be happy in a prequel series with his best friends.

That’s my list of characters that I think deserved more! What do you think of my picks? Which side characters would you like to see taking a more central role? Let me know in the comments, follow me on Instagram @afewmorebooks for more bookish content, and thanks for reading!





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