Review: Wilde About the Girl

Wilde About the Girl

Last summer, YouTube star Louise Pentland published her first novel Wilde About Me, which stars protagonist Robin Wilde as she navigates life as a single working mother. Now Robin’s back in Wilde About the Girl balancing yet more drama in both her personal life and her work life, along with her daughter Lyla, her best friend Lacey, the posh-school-mums and her aunt Kath. Things have definitely changed for Robin in this book, but the first book’s message of opening yourself up to love is still as strong as ever. 

Simply put, I absolutely adored this book. It was easy to read, heartwarming, and even heartbreaking at times. The first book had a few typos and the writing was clunky in places, but the writing in Wilde About the Girl flowed so effortlessly that I enjoyed every page. There were a few scenes, on occasion, that admittedly did feel repetitive – particularly certain spoilery conversations between Robin and her friend Lacey – but I enjoyed the book so much that I was prepared to overlook them. 

Reading Wilde About the Girl felt like when you see an old friend again and seamlessly resume the closeness you had with them the last time you saw them. I know some people weren’t a fan of the slower pace of the first novel, but I think that those character-building moments in the first book and similar scenes in this one really make you care more about what happens to everyone. Robin’s relationships with her Aunt Kath, her friends Finola and Gillian and her daughter Lyla are so real and loving that it adds something more to the story that makes it easy to sympathise with the characters.

What I loved most about this book was the same thing that I loved about the first one: its message of love, not only for others but for ourselves. Robin’s faith in her ability as a mother and in her ability as a stellar make-up artist is a fantastic plot arc that sees her increase in confidence and find faith in herself, and it really stepped up a level for the sequel. There’s such a strong theme of women helping each other and realising their own abilities in the Wilde books and I love every moment of it. 

If you want a book full of love and loss and everything in between, a book that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure (trust me, I did both), then you won’t be disappointed with Wilde About the Girl. The joy and friendship and sadness throughout are so familiar to all of us that you can’t help but relate to Robin in everything she does. I truly loved this book and I hope Robin Wilde returns for another adventure in the future!

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